Internships at South Barwon

Since 2019 South Barwon has been running an internship program, particularly aimed at our younger people, seeking to see them grow in their love for Christ and their involvement in the life and ministry of the church. Our year long internships seek to make, mature and mobilise committed followers of Jesus, firmly establishing them in their faith, and equipping them for a lifetime of service in the kingdom of God.

Internships at South Barwon have 3 key elements:

  • Weekly meeting with a trainer for Bible reading, prayer, encouragement and support
  • An equipping program consisting of reading, study material with the trainer, and attending conferences or training events
  • Involvement in ministry at South Barwon.

Applications for 2024 have now closed. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to apply for internships for 2025.

South Barwon runs two different internships:

1) Youth Intern

Youth Internships are designed for those aged approximately 17-20, and can be completed alongside the final year of high school, other study, and paid employment. A Youth Intern commits to 4 hours per week for the year that the internship runs. This time will be divided into a weekly meeting with a trainer (1 hour), equipping through reading and study material (1 hour), and ministry involvement in the church. Youth Interns can be involved in a number of ministries in the life of the church, including serving at Sunday Worship.

All costs associated with a Youth Intern are covered by the church, such as reading and study material, and the cost of conferences and training events.

2) Ministry Intern

Ministry Internships are typically for those aged 20+, setting aside one day per week to devote to life in South Barwon. A Ministry Intern will also divide their time each week between meeting with a trainer, undergoing reading and study material and involvement in ministry in the church. As the year progresses, a Ministry Intern is expected to become involved in leading a group in ministry area, as well as begin meeting in 1 on 1 discipleship relationship.

All costs associated with a Ministry Intern are covered by the church, as well as a weekly payment for the Intern.

Internship Selection

Internships applications will be considered with the following criteria in mind:

  • Membership of South Barwon
  • Commitment to the values, mission and vision of the church
  • Ideally youth or young adults (aged 17-30)
  • Suitable ministry supervision and involvement can be offered
  • Suitable mentors can be found

All internship applications will be considered by Session, who will offer internships dependent on available positions and suitability.

To apply for an internship position please fill out the form below:

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