Our Values

South Barwon is a contemporary Reformed church, committed to:

  • knowing and teaching the Bible
  • loving and living the gospel
  • making and maturing disciples
  • reaching and serving the community

Contemporary Reformed church

As a Reformed church, we love the truths of the Reformation that focus on the glory of God, the uniqueness and sufficiency of Christ, and the power and priority of God’s word. We are utterly committed to teaching and living these truths, and to presenting them in a way that is relevant to the city and culture in which God has placed us. We desire to be a church where timeless truth connects with the people and culture of today.

Knowing and teaching the Bible

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, powerful to transform God’s people both individually and communally. We seek to be a church that is Bible-focused, growing in our knowledge of God’s Word, so that we grow in deeper relationship with Christ and are completely shaped by it. We seek to teach the Bible in every context of church life so that every person is equipped to minister the Word to others.

Loving and living the gospel

The gospel is the good news that through Jesus, God is redeeming and restoring us and our broken world. We seek to be utterly gospel-centered, with this good news setting the agenda for everything we do as a church. We want to grow in our love for the gospel, and to have it shape every part of our lives for the glory of God.

Making and maturing disciples

At the heart of our church life is the call to make and grow disciples. Everything we do as a church has this goal in mind, so that people who don’t know Jesus would come to living faith in him, and those who have faith grow deeper and stronger in their relationship with Jesus.

Reaching and serving the community

As God’s people, we are called to be salt and light in our community and the wider world, making a difference to the lives of others and sharing with them the good news of Jesus. We will be active in addressing issues of concern, locally and beyond, while intentionally seeking to connect with individuals, families and groups, building relationships of love so that we might share the gospel with others.